paperhound: Don’t dog-ear your page. Dog-ear the dog’s ear. That’s right: we’ve been Paper Hounding for five years and we’re marking the anniversary with a mark. Specifically, a flat, basic bookmark that folds into a three-dimensional canine who sits up and stares coyly over his shoulder at you, dear reader, as he fiercely guards your place. There are dotted lines to guide you. It’s easy. So you dog-ear the dog’s ear. Then crease along his collar (origamists will recognise this as a valley fold), crease in the other direction (a mountain fold) diagonally along his centre, then one more fold at his base. These bookmarks were a rad collaboration with our customer Amir Mohtasebi. Follow him on Instagram, buy his prints, congratulate him on being an illustration genius if you meet him on the street.  And congratulate yourselves for being great supporters of brick-and-mortar bookselling in an age of corporate retail homogeneity and the razing of quirky independent spaces. We’re so happy to be bookmarking this place in our history (but trust us, this is just the first chapter and it’s gonna be a long book). 

Neil Bruder @neilbruder